Friday, September 12, 2008


Guys, please join our Regional Science and MAth Quiz Bowl. God BLess.

TROPHY and Medal

Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers – SOCSARGEN Chapter

Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers – NDMU Chapter

present this


for showing excellence as


on the 3rd Regional Science and Math Quiz Bowl

held at SMC Hall, Notre Dame of Marbel University on September 18, 2008

in coordination with the celebration of the

Chemical Engineering Week 2008 with the theme

Chemical Engineers: Trailblazers of Progress

on September 13-21, 2008.



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When it's your last...

When it's your last, you'll give your best shot.

1. You dream.
2. You stop and smell the flowers.
3. You see people differently.
4. You smile a lot.
5. You don't forget how unique a person you are.
6. You want to do crazy things you've love to do before but dared not.
7. You want to be a child again, to say what you mean, to laugh out loud, to cry when needed.
8. You just want to pour out all those feelings you keep on hiding all these years.
9. You just want to be happy.
10. You want to make a difference.

It's my last year in college. Got to do the most I can.

It would have been better if we learn to start when it's not yet the last.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Painting Success

How do you paint success?

Do you paint it in huge mansions, luxury cars, and designer clothes? Do you paint it in travels and parties?

I just wanna say, it really amazes me how other people are willing to do everyTHING just to achieve their own concept of success. And it even hurt, that some people voluntarily sacrifice a piece of their dignity to color their triumph.

Just thinking out loud.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the reel world

the reel world

If somebody tells you that you'd better finish your degree so that life could be easier, well, he's wrong.When you finish your degree, you'll be working, and when you are working, you'll never say life is easy.

I'm having my apprenticeship, and it says something about life.

For one, the real world wakes up early in the morning (dawn) and goes out of work at dusk. You'll never have the pleasure to indulge in a leisurely sleep.

Second, the real world expects the best. If you are not self-disciplined, you better get over it or you'll never survive it.

Third, the best days are student days. You'll get to just ask for money and it's there. When you work, you sweat blood and you still get the minimum wage. The money you earn for a day's worth of toil is just equal to your dunkin' donuts merienda.

Fourth, the real world don't get to have a morning and afternoon merienda. You'd rather save it or you'll starve for the rest of the month.

Fifth, the real work is serious. No horse plays or you're eat what the horses eat.

Forgive me, just thinking out loud about the harsh realities.

The harsh realities that are true.

Monday, March 17, 2008

before summer

This is the official room of the NDMU Chemical Engineering students. We call it hydraulics (it's the hydraulics lab), 1008, or simply, "sa rum ta".

This room is equipped with a hydraulic equipment, a heat exchanger, a Reynold's number apparatus, and more things I can't identify. Just don't ask me which of them is functioning.

Why the heck am I writing about this room?

Well, I spent half my college life on this room. I learned my major subjects on this room. I got a chance to use the things in this room. I took the world's most difficult exams on this room.

Summer's coming and I just wanna say I'm going to miss this room. It's just that, there are some places we dearly treasure in our lives and it so happen that mine's this. I love this room because even though I could only count the functioning apparatus with my fingers, it is where we spent all the good things about learning, and about life.

More than being taught about engineering, we were taught to engineer life. We learn about math but more than that, we learn multiply friends and subtract our not-so-friends. More than the handling of the equipment, we were taught to handle people. More than merely persevering on exams, we learned to persevere in experiences.

It is where we laugh on the most frivolous and nonsense things. It is where we cry even on the most unreasonable reasons. It is where we talk on the most senseless ideas. It is where we cultivate our friendships. It is where we see our teachers as more than just mere professors.

It is where we see life more than just reading our books or listening to lectures.

I guess, that's the most valuable thing about going to school.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Walk out

Brother Willie, our school president said that if we don't like our teachers, we should walk out of class and submit a letter of complaint to the dean.

That's a good thing actually. I just don't know if somebody will ever dare. You know the culture here, we're so playing safe that we don't want to risk our lives to some Andres Bonifacio martyrdom issue.

To all those who would be wasting their time to at least see what's up in this blog, may I recommend some instances that would signal the war against some irresponsible inefficient teachers.

You should walk out of class if:

1. Your teacher is a bore and only he and the first person in the first row understand each other

2. Your teacher is a book maniac and all he does in the classroom is to read your textbook like some grade 1 discovering reading for the first time

3. Your teacher and the blackboard understand each other

4. Your teacher is a cellphone addict and he spends 80% of your class texting

5. Your teacher doesn't consider opinions coming from you or your other classmates

6. Your teacher is lousy that he defines teaching by the number of seatworks or research works he could ambush his students

7. Your teacher don't know how to solve a math problem or to explain an english phrase

8. Your teacher has started babbling about his all so wonderful life for the nth time which are all actually definitely absolutely out of the topic

9. Your teacher is frequently late, if not absent

10. Your teacher don't know how to teach!

Speak up. It's your right!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bloggie Thinking

After I attended a seminar on Blogging last Feb 2, I feel like I wanna go blogging all my life and get rich.

Maybe I really wanted to get rich. Maybe I'd like to live the digital era and earn. Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

This week is such a real stressful week and I only get connected ot the internet once in a week and I fail to update this journal. Things got really hectic, you know. I've got tons of problem sets again plus tons of extra curricular activities. Hindi na talaga ako nagbago.

Once in my life, I told myself na gusto ko nang maging simple ang buhay ko. You know, no extra curriculars. Kaya lang hindi pwede eh, Nakakabit na ata sa system ko. Parang ang lungkot ng mundo pag walang extra.

"Eh, ngayon ba't reklamo ka ng reklamo?????"

Ehehe... Wala eh, pagod lang, pero masaya naman.

"Eh anong ending ng entry na to????"

Wala lang. Siguro, this is just what this blog is for, para sa mga walang kakwenta kwentang sentimyento ko sa buhay. Haha.